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“Klassic Design is a unique and refreshing line of frames that highlight and enhance the sophistication and elegance of all of our patients. We are happy to have the line as part of our other exclusive collections.” Dr. Washington


“A big thank you for all the great service you have given us this past year! Your product has been great, and fits a big gap for us. Your staff that answers the phones has always been polite and knowledgeable.”

Drs. Walton & Becker Eyecare PC, Oxford MI


“We love the price point. Wonderful quality – great value and quality for older people. Few returns. Great metal selection!” Total Optical, Duncanville TX


“We are very happy with the Klassic Design line and its customer service. We never have to wait on hold, or wait on frames either. It is a great quality for a very good price.” Family Eyecare, Monroe, LA


“. . . reordered favorites such as the Benelli and Klassic Design. The customer
service has been very helpful along with the representative for my area.” Optical Shop, Lindale TX


“Klassic Design frames are manufactured very nice. It is hard to tell the difference between them and higher end frames. The customer service is very pleasant and so is our sales rep.”
Fichte, Endl & Elmer Eyecare, Niagra Falls, NY

“Very good product” Dorfzaun Eye Group, Marietta, GA

Better Business Bureau Check Yearly. See Clearly. American Optometric Association

Klassic Design and Value Optical Supply

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